Reporting Requirements

  • RI BHOLD Requirements

    All licensed behavioral healthcare organizations (BHOs) are required to submit all of their behavioral healthcare clients' admission, discharge and event data into the State’s Behavioral Health On-Line Database (BHOLD). The data should include all elements listed in the BHOLD data dictionary and must be submitted at least monthly. A supplemental Excel file containing ICD-10 diagnosis codes must be sent at the same time as the BHOLD submission.

  • Integrated Health Homes and Assertive Community Treatment Requirements

    All BHOs providing Integrated Health Home (IHH) services including Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) must submit data to BHDDH via the BHOLD database. Agencies are also allowed to use an Excel template, developed by BHDDH, which needs to be sent to BHDDH. This will fulfill the requirements of the performance-based withhold metrics agreed upon by the providers, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS).

Specifications for each of these requirements are available from the Research, Data Evaluation and Compliance Unit at BHDDH. Please contact Melissa Howe at Melissa.Howe@BHDDH.RI.Gov to request any of them.