Needs Assessment for the ESH Revitalization Project in Burrillville

Photo of ESH on the Zambarano campus

An assessment of Rhode Island’s healthcare system has determined the state needs to maintain a long-term acute care hospital that is able to serve patients who need acute care and those who need extended services while they await appropriate discharge options.

The study by Faulkner Consulting Group looked at discharge data from hospitals in Rhode Island and assessed the state’s current and future needs, reviewing insurance claims, national benchmarks, and population demographics. In addition, the study sought input from leaders at Rhode Island hospitals, seeking their perspective on the need for a long-term acute care facility where patients could be transferred after receiving intensive care.

Based on this research, Faulkner recommends a long-term acute care facility with approximately 100 beds to serve patients needing hospital level care and those needing extended services. The study provides critical input as the state seeks to construct a new medical facility that will enable Eleanor Slater Hospital to fulfill a unique and much-needed role at its Burrillville campus. You can read the Assessment here.

BHDDH's most important goal remains the safety, wellbeing, and the care of all patients. At ESH, staff appreciate, recognize, and respect that many long-term patients consider ESH their home. The Department's focus will remain patient driven as it improves the hospital, our facilities, as well as our services while ensuring patients receive the best care in the most appropriate setting for their individual needs.

As Eleanor Slater Hospital reestablishes its roots as a traditional Long-Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH), the agency builds sufficient capacity to fully serve Rhode Island’s medically complex population in a high-quality facility.