Transitioning To Adult Services

The Division has been strengthening transition-age services, which has been the direct result of a coordinated and collaborative commitment of state agencies— BHDDH, RI Department of Education (RIDE) and the Office of Rehabilitative Services (ORS). The significant partnerships we have built with our community stakeholders has been central to our collective work and helped enhance the vision we all share of an integrated life in the community. This vision is achieved through true person-centered planning that enables people to define the direction of their lives. While there is still work ahead, we are making progress.

Application Process:

The Division has an eligibility by 17 policy which encourages students to apply for adult DD services as early as 16 years 10 months. Early applications allow for additional planning time and assist in a smoother transition from school to adult services. Application information can be found on the Eligibility and Application page

The transition from childhood to adulthood is an important time in a person’s life. As a young adult or parent/caregiver of a young adult, you play a large role in the planning process when transitioning from school and children’s services to adult services and supports. The Transition Road Map will give you and your family an overview of this process and provide helpful links to information. You can also view the Transition Road Map in Spanish.

Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN) supports students, young adults with disabilities and their families as they transition to adult services and learn about the options and resources available.  RIPIN staff work with young adults with disabilities and their families to actively participate in making informed decisions about the services they receive.  RIPIN staff are available to assist youth and their families to complete the DDD application for services.  Please contact RIPIN at (401) 270-0101 or visit their website.

Transition Guides and Resources

In the boxes below, please find transition guides and resources the Division created to help you through this process.

Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Brochures

Please visit the DDD Brochures & Guides webpage for helpful flyers and brochures about DDD, including: 

  • Overview of DDD services and supports brochure
  • Applying for DDD services brochure
  • Youth in Transition brochure 

Transition DDO Contact Listing

There are many Adult Developmental Disability Organizations (DDO) you can go to for help transitioning to adult services. The Transition DDO Contact Listing can help you decide which agency to get services. 

You can also view the licensed provider list page on our website for more information. 

Additional Resources and Information

Informational Session on DD Eligibility/SIS/Transition

The Division of Developmental Disabilities held an informational session on November 15th on services and supports that may be available after high school.

This session was recorded. You can access the English recording and the recording with ASL interpretation (the Spanish recording is pending). You can also access the Information Session PowerPoint Presentation

Parent/Student-Provider Chat Meetings

A series of 4 meetings were scheduled where families/students could listen and speak directly with staff from adult agencies who provide support and services to many students once they exit high school.  Some of these meetings do include the ASL interpretation on screen.

  • 3/24/22 meeting with West Bay RI, J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center, Work Opportunities Unlimited. If prompted, copy and paste this passcode: YdVJt8^u
  • 4/7/22 meeting with ProAbility, Seven Hills of RI, and Action Based Enterprises (ABE).  
  • 4/28/22 meeting with The Fogarty Center, Perspectives Corporation, and Goodwill of Southern New England.
  • 5/11/22 meeting with the Maher Center, Frank Olean Center, and Looking Upwards.

Community Resources

For more information, please visit the websites below: