BHDDH's Quality Management Unit

In 2019, the Quality Management Unit was reorganized and began overseeing BHDDH licensed providers in the following areas:

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Office of Quality Assurance/Adult Protective Services

  • The statutory purpose of the Office of Quality Assurance shall be to (R.I. General Laws § 40.1-26-10):

    • Assure the quality of services provided by agencies or individuals to participants

    • Provide for the protection and promotion of the legal and civil rights of participants

    • Investigate and evaluate, or cause to be investigated and evaluated, reports made pursuant to § 40.1-27-2.

    • Responding to reports of abuse, neglect mistreatment and financial exploitation of disabled adults between the ages of 18 and 59 for adults receiving behavioral health and substance use supports, and adults with developmental disabilities.

Office of Licensure and Standards

  • Biennial auditing of licensed programs

  • Issuing new licenses for qualified programs

  • Addressing regulatory action in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act

  • Collaborate with Quality Assurance and Providers in the development and implementation of Plans of Correction

  • Response to consumer complaints regarding regulatory issues

Office of Quality Improvement

  • Provide technical assistance to Providers in implementing certification standards

  • Oversee compliance with certification goals and outcome measures

  • Collaborate with Quality Assurance and Providers to develop and implement Plans of Correction for Programming

  • Complete trend analysis on reportable incidents

Facility Status of Hospitals

  • Determine and designate psychiatric units within hospitals as a “facility” to provide inpatient psychiatric care and treatment pursuant to the terms and conditions contained in the Mental Health Law (Rhode Island General Laws 40.1-5 et. seq.).

Quality Management Unit