Self-Directed Supports

Self-directed supports are a way for adults receiving DD services to have more control about how they spend service funding. In addition to setting their own goals and deciding their own schedule, individuals will hire their own support staff and manage their service budget. 

With self-directed supports, the individual receiving services is the boss. They will find, hire, train, and supervise their own support staff. This includes deciding how much to pay support staff and firing them if needed.

Individuals will get help managing their funding from a Fiscal Intermediary (FI) of their choice. The FI will help complete hiring paperwork, support staff payroll, and submit important paperwork to the DDD office.

Individuals may decide to get help self-directing their services from a Support Broker. The Support Broker can help the individual learn important skills needed to successfully self-direct their services like how to manage staff, how to find information and resources in the community, and how to manage their budget.

Another feature of self-directed supports is Goods and Services. Individuals can use their funding to purchase goods and services to support their health, wellbeing, and goals. To purchase something through goods and services, the individual must first talk to their plan writer and FI as there are rules about what they can and cannot buy.

Resources on Self-Directed Supports 

Looking for more information on self-directed supports? Learn more by exploring the resources below. 

Information on Goods and Services

The Goods and Services Brochure (PDF) shares information about buying goods and services. 

A Goods and Services Request Form (PDF) must be complete for all goods and services. 

Information on Self-Directed Supports from Advocates in Action

Advocates in Action gave a presentation during Rhode Island's 2021 Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference. The presentation, the Director is IN Conference Encore (YouTube), shares information about what it means to self-direct DD Services and how to do it. 

Information on Self-Directed Supports from the Sherlock Center

The Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities at Rhode Island College has a lot of information about self-directed services. 

One helpful resource is the Sherlock Center Self-Directed Supports Brochure (PDF). The brochure includes a guide to get started with self-directed supports, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

The Sherlock Center Self-Directed Supports Brochure is available in Spanish (PDF)

Another helpful resource is the Sherlock Center Self-Directed Supports video presentation. The presentation provides information on self-directed support options.

Information on Self-Directed Supports from Medicaid

The Medicaid Self-Directed Services webpage has great information about self-direction. The webpage shares information about self-direction options, guidelines, and FI services. 

Another helpful resource is the Integrated Care Resource Center (ICRC). The ICRC is a national initiative of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS). The ICRC website has a lot of information including:

Technical Bulletins

To view technical bulletins related to self-direction, visit our Policies webpage.