Brochures & Guides

Overview of DDD Services and Supports Brochure

To learn more about DDD and the adult services and supports, explore the following brochure: 

Applying for DDD Services Brochure

To learn more about applying for DDD services, explore the following brochure: 

Individual Budgets

If you receive DDD services then you will get to create your own individual budget. To learn what an individual budget is and how it will work, please read the Individual Budget Guidebook

Service Definitions

Please read the new Service Definitions to learn more about the services you can choose from. 

Guide to the DDD Assessment Process

BHDDH will change the way it learns about the strengths and needs of participants. Please read the Guide to the DD Assessment Process to learn more. 

Guide to Employment Add-On Budget Requests

A Guide to Employment Add-On Budget Requests to providers. The purpose of this guidebook is to give you information in detail on how add on budget requests is done on a separate page on the purchase order.

DDD Transportation Options

In the past, you were allowed a certain amount of transportation trips per year. Now you can choose as many trips as you need. To learn more, read the transportation infographic in English or Spanish

Youth in Transition Brochure

To learn more about Youth in Transition (YIT), explore the following brochure: 

External Resource: RIPIN

The Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN) is a community resource that offers disability support services to individuals and their families. To learn more about RIPIN, please read the RIPIN Brochure.

External Resource: Sherlock Center

The Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities is a community resource that provides helpful information about self-direction. To learn more, read the Sherlock Center Self-Directed Supports Brochure in English or Spanish.