Employment and Earnings Reporting Requirements

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) has developed a streamlined process of employment/income reporting, Benefits Counseling referrals, and Income Disregard submission through the completion of one form called the Employment and Earnings Reporting Form 2022 (fillable pdf).


The Employment & Earnings form is an update of the ICE form. A benefits planning enrollment form has been added to ensure we have information needed to make a referral to the Sherlock Center to provide benefits counseling.

  • DDD will manage and track the submissions to the Department of Human Services (DHS). DDD will submit the forms to DHS within the month they are received, and follow up with DHS if needed.
  • DHS uses the information in this form to calculate any income disregards. An Income Disregard allows DHS to exclude part of the income you earn from your job when determining your benefits. Without the income disregard, you may be required to pay a portion of your cost of care.

  • DDD will forward referrals to The Sherlock Center for Benefits Planning. The Sherlock Center will contact you and/or your agency to arrange for the Benefits Plan.

Use this form to report 1) a new job, 2) any change in position, hours, or wages; or 3) when you leave a job.

All individuals receiving services through DDD are required to report income and employment. The Employment and Earnings Form should be completed if any of the following apply:

  • You get a new job, a second job, change jobs, get a promotion, leave your job, or have another change in your employment;
  • You have a change in income, such as getting a raise;
  • You permanently get more hours at your current job (such as going from 10 hours per week to 15);
  • You would like to receive benefits counseling

If you have any of those changes, please email DDD the completed form with the following documents:

   1. Paystubs for 4 weeks showing your earnings


   2. Automatic deposit documentation from your employer for a period of 4 weeks


   3. Self employment earnings over 4 weeks

Send these documents to DDD at the email: BHDDH.ICE@bhddh.ri.gov

If you have any questions, please contact Jay MacKay at Gerard.MacKay@bhddh.ri.gov or your assigned social caseworker.