Independent Facilitation

Coming This Spring

Independent Facilitation is a new service from the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). Everyone that receives DDD services will get independent facilitation. This service will be provided by a new team member called an Independent Facilitator (IF). Individuals getting DDD services do not have to do anything to get this service. DDD will assign everyone to an IF to work with. They will start working with their IF a few months before their next ISP is due. The IF will help the person plan for their ISP meeting with their support team. Individuals will still work with their Social Caseworker. 

IF Overview

An Independent Facilitator (IF) is a new role. The IF will help the people getting DDD services plan for, give them advice about, and write their Individual Support Plan (ISP). 

The IF will help individuals learn about the services, providers, and people that are available to help them. The process of learning what resources are available is called resource mapping. By learning more about the resources people can use they will be able to explore more opportunities. 

The IF will check-in with individuals often to make sure they are getting the services and supports they need. The IF will help the individual make changes to their ISP as needed so they can meet all their goals. 

IF Roles and Responsibilities 

The IF's main goal is to help people become more involved and independent in their community. To do this, the IF will work with individuals across 5 stages: 

  1. Introduction: IF will get to know who the person is. They will talk to the person and the trusted people in their life. They will talk to the person's support team and review their personal record. 
  2. Pre-Planning: IF will continue getting to know the person. IF will work with the person to do the Qualitative Review of Life Domains. IF will create a resource map and discuss future planning with the person.
  3. Planning Process: IF will meet with the person and their support team. IF will help the person identify goals and action steps, and how goals are measured. IF will schedule check-ins with the person.
  4. Writing the Plan: IF will write the person's plan with them. IF will ensure all supporting documents are in the person's plan. IF will make changes as needed to the plan before submission.
  5. Routine Check-ins: IF will check-in with the person and their support team often. IF will review the person's plan progress, note any changes, and share results. 

IF Resources 

To learn more about Independent Facilitation, explore these flyers: 

  1. Independent Facilitator Flyer (PDF)
  2. Independent Facilitator Roles and Responsibilities Flyer (PDF)