Conflict-Free Case Management (CFCM)

Vision Statement: All individuals with I/DD will be empowered to direct and control their own services with the support they choose to live a fulfilling, self-directed life in the community of their choosing with equal access to employment, social activities, safety & security, advocacy & citizenship afforded to all others.

Please review the CFCM Model to learn about the CFCM principles, standards, and administrative requirements.

For information on how CFCM will impact DD services, please review the DD Roles and Responsibilities Under CFCM 1 Pager

The Division has held virtual community meetings to provide more information about CFCM and the impact it will have on our Medicaid long-term care system. You can learn more about future and past events by visiting our Events and Forums webpage. Please note that we plan on providing future webinars as we continue to design and implement this program. 

Please visit the Executive Office of Health and Human Services CFCM webpage for more information