Support Intensity Scale (SIS)

There are many changes happening with the SIS and DD assessment process right now. You can learn about all the changes in this BHDDH SIS Updates document. 

The Supports Intensity Scale - A (SIS-A) is a tool that is used to measure supports required for individuals, aged 16 years and older, with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The assessment is done during an interview with individuals and the people who know them well.

Rhode Island uses the SIS-A to determine service needs and related levels of funding for individuals receiving developmental disabilities services.

The SIS-A, which is supported by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD), includes questions to better assess the practical supports a person needs to live the most independent life possible.

You can learn more about the SIS-A and how it is used by viewing the BHDDH SIS-A Fact Sheet.

SIS-A 2nd Edition

AAIDD recently released the SIS-A 2nd edition. BHDDH started using the SIS-A 2nd edition August 7, 2023. While there are similarities between the two SIS versions, the SIS-A 2nd edition has new questions. For more information on the new SIS-A 2nd Edition, please visit the website: