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During these unprecedented times of crisis, PAUSE Rhode Island is here to help

Now is a good time to pause - to assess, to self-reflect, and if needed, to ask for help.

Pause Rhode Island


PAUSE RI is a program to help Rhode Islanders with stress or anxiety related to COVID-19

Rhode Islanders are experiencing unprecedented times of hardship due to COVID-19

We have lost jobs, homes, the ability to secure our next meal, and the hardest of all, our loved ones. We’re dealing with uncertainty, juggling work from home and childcare priorities. Despite the ongoing chaos around us, we can and will get through this. Now is a good time to pause. To assess. To self-reflect, and ask for help if you can't do this alone.

PAUSE Rhode Island, together with mental health experts, is here to help you

PAUSE Rhode Island, along with a unified partnership of Rhode Island mental health experts, is here so you can pause, simply breathe, pick up the pieces, heal and move forward. PAUSE Rhode Island is a program that provides free community outreach and support services for Rhode Islanders dealing with stress and anxiety due to COVID-19.

If you or someone you care about needs assistance or information on how to deal with covid-19 related stress and anxiety, please call one of our 24/7 hotlines:

For anyone 18 and over

For anyone under 18